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Dear Colleagues;

The 55th National Congress of Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation will be held between 28-31 October 2021 at Susesi Luxury Resort Hotel in Antalya.

We have decided to hold TARK 2021 as a "Hybrid Congress" at a time when we all miss being together, meeting face to face even if we can't hug, seeing each other without a screen in a physical congresses. In this way, we will be able to get together physically and our colleagues who cannot come to Antalya will have the chance to watch the congress live as if they were sitting in the congress hall.

Due to the global pandemic that has affected the whole world, while struggling with a life that oscillates between opposite concepts such as trust - fear, happiness - unhappiness, we have begun to experience the anxiety of not being able to plan for our future and have difficulty seeing ahead. As our days passed in uneasiness, we all felt a state of despair. At a time like this, we have only one source of struggle that will keep us fit and connect us to life; HOPE.

For this reason, we have determined our TARK 2021 congress theme as "A Breath of Hope" with the awareness that there is nothing worse than losing hope in life. We know that in order to live and breathe, we must first hope. Because every breath is a hope. An expression of faith in life, the foundation of dispositions such as patience, determination, and courage, hope not only helps us set our goals, but also provides the motivation we need to achieve those goals.

We wanted to describe "A Breath of Hope" with the Lotus flower, which symbolizes commitment to life, beauty, resilience, determination, not giving up and hope. Lotus, which has fascinating features with its colors along with the positive energy it emits, is like an expression and a reminder of the effort to stay clean despite all kinds of difficulties. The lotus flower, which closes its leaves at night, begins to flourish with the sunrise and refreshes our hope by saying hello to the sun.


Along with the problems we face during and aftermath of the pandemic, we have decided to include current issues in anesthesia, intensive care and pain into the main axis of our congress theme with the awareness that there is a life outside of the pandemic. While we evaluate our past and use our imagination for the future, we will revive our "a breath for hope". We will enrich our knowledge with many experts and respected scientists, scholars and intellectuals in their fields.

As the Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, we will do our best to organize TARK 2021 in the best way possbile and reach all our members without compromising the scientific program and quality, despite all the difficulties we are facing. The congress support we will provide to our experts and assistants working in the field under extremely difficult conditions is a must.

In addition to the rich scientific program, we will refresh ourselves with social programs at our congress. Most importantly, we will be together and meet our longings.

We are waiting for you at TARK 2021 to breathe a sigh of relief, revive our hope and celebrate the 98th anniversary of our Republic after our painful, challenging and honorable pandemic struggle.

And let this word of our great leader be our road map;

"There are no hopeless situations, there are desperate people. I have never lost hope."

With love and friendship,

Prof. Dr. Meral Kanbak
Congress President


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